Galassi & Ortolani has been making special valves since 1937.
The range of products, comprising: diaphragm valves, pinch valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, check valves & pneumatic actuators.

It is divided into several versions and variants and is used, in particular, in the chemical industry, in oil and gas industry and in water processing and distribution. The experience achieved during over 75 years in the making of valves for various-nature fluid-management plants has allowed Galassi & Ortolani to make a name in the plant-construction market as a reference producer both at domestic and international level.


Equipment for Machining Centres and CN Lathes:
• To have the utmost control possible on each component
• To allow total interchangeability of each component in case it is changed
• To ensure valve perfect stability and connection
• To reduce Torque rating


• Uni En ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certified
• Choice of ISO certified suppliers who utilize the latest casting technologies
• Check of all incoming components so as to find and eliminate those defective
• Check of all machined products for conformance to our dimensional standards
• Hydraulic test of body valve at 110/115% of rated pressure to ensure the best tightness
• Each valve being coated with an anti-corrosive varnish at no additional cost


• Customer’s personalized treatment, both pre-sales and after-sales
• Direct intervention by our experts on Plants upon request
• Extensive store of spare parts for immediate availability

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